Get free shipping on orders of 2 boxes or more*

Get free shipping on orders of 2 boxes or more*

Shipping and Delivery

Please reach out to with your name, order number and what you received. We want to help resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Please reach out to with your name, order number, description of the damage and a photo, if possible. In the case that the food safe ice packs leaked, we assure you the OHi Bars are still completely safe to eat.

Yes! OHi Superfood Bars are not perishable and can be left out of refrigeration for up to one week. They are refrigerated to maintian their awesome freshness, nutrition and texture. Once delivered, they may be a little soft or warm but not to worry, just stick them in the fridge or freezer to firm back up! There is a helpful note we put with your order explaining how to best store and enjoy OHi Bars.

Not yet! We currently ship in the US only and are working to expand our capabilities to ship internationally.

All orders placed Monday - Thursday before 12pm EST will be shipped out that day for 2 day delivery. All orders placed after will be shipped out the following Monday for maximum freshness at delivery.

Refrigeration Requirements

Whether you are purchasing from a local retailer or just received an OHi delivery, please place your bars in the fridge or freezer as soon as you can. OHi Bars can be left unrefrigerated for one week, but are best refrigerated to maintain maximum freshness, nutrition and texture.

    Since we do not use preservatives, fillers or anything artificial, all ingredients are cold-pressed together and remain firm because of refrigeration. The cold maintains freshness, nutrition and texture. If they become room temperature or even warm, they are still safe to eat, just not optimal. You may place them back into refrigeration to firm back up if they get too soft or crumbly.

Please look at the best by date on the back of the wrapper for ultimate freshness. Once out of refrigeration and at room temperature, OHi Bars are most fresh and nutritious up to one week so they are great on-the-go!

Nutrition and Ingredients

Yes! At OHi we strive to put in only high quality, clean ingredients.

There is no refined sugar in OHi Bars. We sweeten each bar with Coconut Nectar which is the natural sap from a coconut tree and very low on the glycemic index.

Check out the specific product page and all information is located below the "Add To Cart" button.

Yes! Each flavor contains a variety of different nuts such as macadamia, almond and peanuts. Please be sure to check out the nutrition facts and check ingredients. All OHi Bars are made in a facility that also handles milk, eggs, peanuts and other tree nuts.

OHi Near Me

    Please check out or store locator to find OHi Retailers near you. You may use your zip code and find each flavor available at any store. If you are searching for a specific flavor, it would be beneficial to call the store before your visit to confirm availability.

Be sure to check the refrigeration sections! OHi Bars are usually near other refrigerated bars, cold beverages, raw foods or cold vegan desserts. If they are not in your store, please speak with an employee and let them know you are looking for OHi as they may be able to carry them or reach out to so we can reach out to the store directly!

OHi Subscriptions

Mahalo for your interest in an OHi subscription. Until further notice, this option is no longer available.

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